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FraudProtect – Telephone Fraud Protection

Did you know that phone fraud now exceeds credit card fraud and the UK is in the top 5 countries being targeted?

Telephone fraud occurs when criminals hack into your telephone system. These criminals usually strike on weekends, public holidays and outside your office hours when they know detection would be least likely and can run your phone bill up into £1000’s of pounds in just a few hours. The liability of the debt caused by this criminal act lies with the company contracting those phone lines affected.

At Swains Plc our FraudProtect system will help protect your business by monitoring your account on a daily basis for unusual activity that could be telephone fraud. Our service will automatically block outbound calls where fraud is identified to stop the fraudsters running up huge bills.

We cannot prevent telephone fraud from happening to your business but we can help minimise the issue.

Fraud protection is available on both traditional telephone lines and next generation IP services.

Minimising telephone fraud:

  • Ensure your phone system passwords are changed regularly
  • Ensure your voicemail passwords are enabled and changed regularly
  • Program the voicemail to prevent it making trunk to trunk calls or external dialling
  • Make sure any firewall attached to your phone system has as many ports disabled as possible and has a strong password
  • Set up email alerts using the online management portal
  • Ensure all your lines are protected by Swains Fraud Management System*.

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