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Swains Plc Case Studies

Heritage Contract Services Ltd

“The new system from Swains is brilliant. It means I don’t have to miss a call again and I can respond more effectively to our customers. Even when I’m out and about, I can receive calls as the system forwards them to my mobile. It’s been a great improvement and we’re delighted with the service we received. We would certainly recommend working with Swains.”...Read more

Terry Forsey Consulting

Terry Forsey Consulting is a specialist Sales & Marketing Consultancy which helps smaller software businesses to run successful marketing campaigns and grow their sales and their profits. Their industry is fast paced meaning high speed and reliable broadband connectivity is essential for them to run their expert operations effectively....Read more

East Coast Air Conditioning

East Coast Air Conditioning (ECAC) based in Norwich provides air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pumps to the local area. The expert team offers a range of services from initial consultation to the design, sale, install and maintenance of products. With over 30 years in the business, ECAC are one of the leading suppliers in the area....Read more

Lovewell Blake

It was important to the customer to retain their existing 01603 number range which was installed on an ISDN30. The new office location was on a different exchange meaning that the new exchange could not support the existing numbers when they moved. The customer also required to review and improve their disaster recovery plan and data access to the main site.

As the firm included newly merged businesses there was an additional requirement to retain and route the telephone numbers and DDI's of different entities. It was vital to ensure that no calls were lost as the various businesses merged....Read more

Cambridge Assessment

The Cambridge Assessment (CA) telecoms team faced a difficult challenge. At short notice, their small satellite office, housing 20 senior employees, needed to be permanently relocated to a new site in London.

Their phone services had grown with the office over the years and comprised a hotchpotch of lines and numbers (using BT Featureline and an old Meridian Northstar). For the move to go ahead, it was essential that the three business groups could retain their existing telephone numbers so they could maintain long-established client relationships....Read more